A Guide to Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

Gardening expert David Bergner has been caring for plants for as long as he can remember.

“I couldn’t tell you the exact plant that got me started,” says the nursery manager at Flower Power Garden Centre in Mascot. “But it sowed the seed – for want of a better word – of an interest in the environment, nature, and requirements of a living organism.” 

Bergner sees plants come in and out of fashion for a variety of reasons. Wandering through rows of flora and fauna at the nursery, Bergner says plants are rarely bought based on consideration for their destined environment – especially with apartment living. He says purchases are most often dictated by what people are seeing in magazines and on social media. “They’re often trying to create a look without realising what the plant’s requirements are,” he says.

Don’t get caught out. Here’s five plants Bergner says are ideal for apartment dwellers, and tips to care for them… 

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